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10 Tips To Having A Long Successful Marriage

As my husband Richard and I celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary I thought I’d give you 10 quick tips that promote longevity in your marriage and help you keep your relationships on track. Happy anniversary honey!

1) Build Trust In Your Marriage

Many people jump into marriage quickly before truly getting to know one another. Trust in one another leads to a solid foundation your marriage can be properly built upon.

Happy Anniversary

2) Be Understanding and Polite To Your Mate

Your spouse should also be your friend. Just like friendship, you’ll want to be understanding and polite to your partner. Sure you’re going to have disagreements. Responding to them with politeness and understanding can lessen the burden of the issue.

Happy Anniversary

3) Show Respect and Appreciation To Your Spouse

We all have a desire to be loved and appreciated. You can nurture this by being respectful and showing your appreciation to your spouse. The little things do matter.

Happy Anniversary

4) Learn From Your Experiences

Learning from your experiences can strengthen your bond and add longevity to your marriage. When you trust each other and learn from your experiences together you create a powerful force in your marriage that can’t be battered down by trivial issues.

Happy Anniversary

5) Don’t Lose Touch In Your Relationship

One major reason for divorce is losing touch with each other and growing apart. When relationships are fresh and new we’re likely to be more touchy feely towards our partner as we get to know each other. Simple gestures like hugs, kissing, and hand holding should be practiced often. Displays of affection should never get old. Keep your connection and never lose touch.

Happy Anniversary

6) Balance Family Time and Alone Time

Having a family can create busy times for spouses. Make sure you’re balancing family fun time with alone time for you and your spouse. That alone time can give room for intimacy, communication and resolution on decisions, and helps to keep the foundation solid. My husband has often times traveled with me to marketing events. It means alot to me and gives us that balance.

Happy Anniversary

7) Being Accountable For Decisions, Actions, and In Communications

When you can own your part in your marriage it tends to make getting through the tough times easier. It’s not about laying blame or accusatory words when things go wrong. It’s more about acceptance of things as they are and owning your part in it. “Yes I did that and it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would” would go alot further than denial of any wrong doing. Be accountable.

Happy Anniversary

8) Shared Memories Of Life Events

Remember your first date? How about when you got pregnant with your first child? Even the birth’s of your grandchildren are shared moments of “firsts” that you experienced together. Sit down with your spouse every so often and ask…”remember when?” You’ll be surprised at how you each remember the same event differently and how quickly the feelings around the event can be re-felt.

Happy Anniversary

9) Give Your Partner Personal Space and Privacy

Maintaining your individuality while in a marriage can sometimes be difficult. Giving your partner the time, space, and trust to do things they enjoy without you is the most selfless thing you can do for your mate. If he was a Thursday night bowler before he met you, you should let him continue to bowl on Thursdays. Just like if you attend Wednesday sewing classes he should be open to allowing your time to explore your likes or hobbies.

Happy Anniversary

10) Graduate Into Longevity

Without communication, trust, and honesty your relationship will struggle. One of the best ways to ensure long lasting relationships is by continuing to examine yourself, acknowledge your issues, and being willing to work on yourself first. Becoming the best version of yourself will make you a great candidate for a lengthy marriage.

Happy Anniversary

If you’re married and got value from these tips let me known by commenting below. Relationships don’t have to be short and full of chaos. They require two people committed to each other and both willing to work with each other through life’s stuff. I’m grateful for the 33 married years my husband and I are celebrating today. It marks the strength and determination we have and we stand as a solid example to our friends, family, and peers. Here’s to 33 more years of happy marriage!

Dee Powell