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LaQuinta Tampa Florida Weekend Wedding

My husband and I love to take frequent getaways. Recently we were invited to a friends wedding in Tampa, Florida, a great excuse for a quick getaway. We stayed at LaQuinta Tampa Florida and were really surprised at how nice the rooms were. Check out my video tour of the room!

Florida Weekend Getaways

We actually travel quite a bit in our home state of Florida. Whether it’s the East side of the coast or the West side the views and scenery are to die for! Have you ever visited Florida’s beaches? We live near Fort Lauderdale and take frequent trips up the coast. I also travel for business events and my husband usually joins me. Getaways are a nice way to spend alone time together away from the hustle and bustle of life. I think it’s a healthy thing to do for relationships and family adventure.


Besides the view and gorgeous beaches Tampa Florida boasts a good variety of lifestyle entertainment. From boating or fishing in the day time to fine Tampa Floridadining and great music in the evening. Shopping and specialty stores are also often found along the bay. Florida is well known for deep sea diving excursions and other exciting water adventures.

Florida Business Events

Combining weekend getaways with business kills two birds with one stone. Florida is also a hotspot for business events. I’ve attended many marketing events in Florida and elsewhere in our country. The Florida events appeal to me because I know how powerful networking with like minded people can be. Even though this wasn’t a business getaway¬†I’m still able to run my business while “vacationing”.

Our visit with friends and family for this wedding in Tampa Florida was amazing. It gives us a chance to get away and enjoy life to it’s fullest. The greatest benefit is that while my husband and I are out enjoying life and the beautiful views Florida has to offer…I’m earning income online from my businesses. Do you have dreams of Florida weekend getaways? Traveling with your family? Making money on the fly? Jump on my newsletter list!

There is life out there waiting for you!

Catch you tomorrow,

Dee Powell – Expect Success