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Shooting at FT Lauderdale Airport Sad Day


Today’s a sad day. I was born in Fort Lauderdale, and lived there practically my whole life. Currently, my family and I live in Plantation, which is a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale. I never thought I’d see what happened here today, shooting at Ft Lauderdale airport. You know it’s one of those things that don’t normally happen this close to home. It’s just so so sad, and senseless you know. So how do we deal with what we feel, how do we deal with the sadness.

I came on here tonight to talk it out. To purge the sadness, and pray for hope. If you’ve never lived in an area where this has happened before it really shakes you up. It shakes you because it starts to feel like nobody is safe anymore. It’s disheartening, and just sad that our world has come to this. And it wasn’t just the shooting at Ft Lauderdale airport that was tragic for our area. We had another tragic event happen just before the shootings. I live near a major intersection, just off the turnpike. All of the sudden there were helicopters flying overhead. Long enough, and loud enough it made us wonder what the heck was going on. There was definitely something happening.

As it turns out, somebody committed suicide. They jumped off the overpass and landed on the pavement, directly onto the turnpike. So all this was going on then we hear the news that there was a shooting at Ft Lauderdale airport. The turnpike was shut down for hours. Two major tragedies in one day. It breaks my heart that somebody would feel so sad, and so hopeless that they’d end their own life. And then the other person, the shooter, to have zero regard for other peoples lives, and open fire on innocent people. It’s sad, and I just hate seeing things like this. Especially so close to home.

For me I guess, coming on here tonight and expressing my feelings, it helps to process through the thoughts and emotions. More importantly, to ask others to pray. To pray for our world, the sadness it’s become, the people who have to go through this more directly than myself. Pray for the families who lost their loved ones. I want others to pray for their own families safety, and to ask God to just watch over us all. And to help us understand his works when we can’t wrap our head around the events taking place. So far they are telling us 5 have died and 8 are injured. No names have been released yet but everybody around here are checking in with family members, or posting on Facebook that they are safe.

I really like to stay upbeat, and talk about positive, uplifting things. But when something like this happens in your area, it shakes you up. My feeling is we are in the last days. Jesus is going to come back sooner than we think. Call me crazy, but I really believe he’s coming back sooner than anybody thinks is possible. There’s just too many signs, and things in our world that are happening. Just pray. I’ve been praying all day.