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Stop Trying and Start Doing!


Stop trying, and start doing! What does that really mean? Have you ever heard yourself or other people say “I’m trying to do this”, or “I’m trying to accomplish that”? What they’re really saying is they aren’t truly committed to it. Trying doesn’t fully communicate commitment. While trying is filled with good intentions, it lacks commitment. If you really want to accomplish something you just have to do it. You have to say “I’m going to do it”, instead of “I’m going to try to do it”. Trying gives you an option to fail. It gives you room to not put your best foot forward.

Trying is like dipping your toes in the water before jumping in to swim. You’re not trying to swim if you stopped to dip your toes. If you were trying to swim you’d be in the water, swimming. You can’t fully commit until you are doing. Start by doing yourself a favor, replace try with do! Start doing the things you say you are trying. Trying is a dis-empowering word, it speaks effort but usually with little to no action.

Stop trying, and start doing!

Online, people start business like this “I’ll give it a try”. They are already weakened mentally by their own words. You try cake, you don’t try business. Or “I tried that business and it didn’t work for me”. Guess what? Neither did that cake you tried. Had you been committed to the cake you’d have eaten the whole piece and would feel filled, your taste-buds thrilled. But you only tried it. It works the opposite too, try not to eat the whole piece of cake. Poof it’s gone, and you can’t explain what happened. You were “trying”!

Do the things you want to do, and remove trying from your vocabulary. Watch how changing the things you say, or how you say them, can turn things around for your mindset, and your outcome. It’s pretty powerful. Stop trying, and start doing!


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Deirdre Powell (Dee)