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What Are Sales Funnels and How Can Your Business Use Them To Automate The Sales Process

Sales funnels can be simple or complex depending on what your business needs are. This is what makes sales funnels fit any business or service.

Yes, I said ANY! They are so versatile and changeable you can test them, change them, retest them, and save lots of time.

What they are is a piece to:

  1. Get Leads
  2. Give Information
  3. Create A Relationship
  4. Give Opportunities
  5. Gain Trust
  6. Pre-Qualify Buyers
  7. Generate Sales

Depending on how extensive your needs are your sales funnels can fill one need or many. The most identifiable piece is usually an optin form. This is

Sales Funnels

Simple Sales Funnels

where you’re asking others to give you their name and email. They put their information in as an exchange for what you’re offering. You can see a live example of one I use.

Sales Funnels Are More Than Lead Capturing

Sales funnels are used to capture leads as a first step of contact with the customer. A good sales funnel has steps for them to follow. It would guide them to more information other than what the initial offer was. Don’t skip providing them the original offer though.

It should include the opportunity to learn more about your offer, to get more information, and can include an opportunity to buy.

Once you get a lead it’s up to you to develop that lead into a buyer. This is the main purpose of all sales funnels. To set in motion the automated sales process. Statistically people don’t buy something the first time they see it or hear about it. Sales funnels give you a way to guide and develop attributes that will result in a sale.

For example, gaining trust or creating anticipation. You can get a lead excited with an email or a phone call telling them about something you’re excited about (an event or new product). This makes the user feel connected and thought of. Connection is a piece that can help you convert leads to buyers. Just the same as having a trusting relationship can.

All the pieces to your sales funnel must fit your desired outcome. Sometimes they are used for promotion and list building to provide future information.

An example of that might be a giveaway.

Let’s say you own a furniture store. You’re planning on liquidating some items in a sale to make room for new items. You could create an optin for “Enter To Win A Free Couch” many people would exchange an email for the chance to win. You might do this a few weeks in advance of your sale.

When sale time comes you have a whole list of people to inform that your sale is today! Sending them a complimentary 10% off liquidated prices coupon could entice them to buy.

Depending on what you’re using sales funnels for this could be confusing. It’s because of the versatility to sales funnels. This is what makes my company pretty awesome. We have a built in sales funnel creator that we can fine tune to our needs. It also has built in templates for specific uses. It allows you to automate your sales process for your products and services or you can build them around our business and it’s services.

It’s pretty powerful when you think of what it can accomplish for your business. It frees up your time to focus on marketing and not be tied to a phone answering the same questions over and over again. It’s an awesome way to begin relating with your leads to convert them over to customers. All in an automated way.

Sales Funnels