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How Are Companies Changing The Hiring Process

The hiring process has been progressively changing over the last decade. It has to do with the rise of technology and more people using the internet. Is this affecting your job seeking or your businesses hiring process? Let’s look at how things have changed and how businesses can adapt.

Hiring Process Is Not On The Spot Hires Anymore

As businesses get busier and busier they don’t want interruptions in their work day. It used to be that you could walk into a place, request an Hiring Processapplication, fill it out, and interview the same day. This would lead to immediate hiring if everything went good.

Those days are long gone. Most businesses will direct walkins to online applications nowadays. This is more a vetting process than anything but it does save businesses time too. It pools applications so the hiring managers don’t have to waste time. Employers can sort through applicants and call them in for an interview. This gives them more control of their time and scheduling.

It used to be that businesses would list job openings in the newspapers. This hasn’t changed much. What has is that they also publish their “help wanted” to internet websites. This gives them a wider reach of potential employees and a greater selection of qualified candidates.

Things go further than job bank type websites. Social media hubs like LinkedIn are a great resource for employers and job hunters.

Another change is employers allowing more remote work from home jobs. Businesses are adapting to changing times. Job seekers need to be aware these changes due to automation.

Hiring Events Bring Business and Brand Awareness

Larger businesses are doing hiring events. They set aside a day and time to allow job seekers to come in and apply. They promote the event to bring in many applicants. It also serves as a way to bring awareness to their business or brand. It’s like having an open house event.

How does this apply to your MLM business? What can you learn from the hiring process we see businesses using?

If you are team building you can use the very same methods employers are for recruiting team members. People tend to forget they are running a business and part of that is recruiting. Using job bank sites, social media, or holding an event can help boost your down line. Watch what businesses are doing and follow suit. You can choose your team by vetting the curious and spotting the serious.

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