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How Social Media Connects Businesses To Consumers

Social media has become a popular method for use in building business awareness. It’s simply bringing your content to where the masses hang out. When you bring it in an appealing manner you grab the attention. Let’s look at the ways social media connects businesses to consumers.

How Facebook Connects Businesses To Consumers

Facebook has fan pages that businesses can set up. These fan pages can grow with Facebook advertising. Facebook uses what’s called “geo-targeting”, it favors those nearest your location. Advertising allows you to target other geographic locations.

FB’s Messenger service allows you to chat with people. This gives people permission to reach out to you and vice versa. Facebook connects businesses Social Media Connects Businesses To Consumersto consumers with other amenities like groups, group chats, and file and document uploads.

There are other tools within Facebook like the Live video features and hashtags. Used properly Facebook is a powerful way for businesses to connect with consumers.

How Instagram Connects Businesses To Consumers

Instagram is a social media portal that businesses can use to create brand awareness. It’s picture based rather than text based. Meaning uploading images is the name of the game. Hashtag and use statistics are visible on Instagram. This works great for targeting those niche keywords.

Instagram is a popular platform for artists, photographers, and designers. That doesn’t leave out great individuals or businesses. Instagram also has a paid advertising option. If you have both FB and IG you can set up ads on Facebook that market to both platforms.

How Twitter Connects Businesses To Consumers

Twitter is another major player in the social media realm. It too offers a way for businesses to advertise using their paid platform. The social side of Twitter is much like the others mentioned yet each unique in itself. Twitter has a shorter character threshold and meant to give bite size snippets of info to grab your interest.

Twitter was the first social media platform to introduce the use of hashtags. These allow a stream of related information to gather. If you clicked on the hashtag #twitter you would see other posts that have the same hashtag.

This gives posters and viewers a fast way to get to their target audience or information. One down fall of Twitter is it’s difficult to communicate directly with limited characters. Direct messaging is available with Twitter.

Each social media platform offers unique techniques made for connecting businesses to consumers. You should try them out and see which fits your needs best.

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