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You Attract What You Vibrationally Match

Humans are energy in motion with a vibrational existence and you must work to raise your vibrations. The law of attraction follows this line of thinking. When we vibrate happiness, success, and abundance we automatically attract these things to ourselves. It’s no different if we are vibrating anger, sadness, or depression. Like attracts like, it’s universal law. Tapping into this method of living can draw powerful people into your life by vibrating powerfully yourself.

Vibrational Attraction Is A Normal Human Experience

Let’s not forget that at our core we are spiritual beings having very human experiences. If we aren’t giving our spiritual health just as much attention as our physical or mental health we become imbalanced and sideways things will happen in our lives. When we are in touch with our spiritual selves this vibrates to other like people like a magnet.

Do you know people who have constant chaos around them? They don’t realize their internal chaos is creating the external chaos they see in their reality. Everything can be fixed by focusing on that divine spark within each of us. Being in touch with ourselves starts there. Once this method is practiced consistently it can bring profound change to your life, how you perceive things, and the results you get because of them.

Low Vibrations Are Detrimental To Everything You Do

Some symptoms of low vibrational fields are illness, chronic pain, and hopelessness. A lot of times what ails us is really a spiritual sickness. Appearing to get our attention and encourage us to fix it. Some people get stuck in this cycle of never realizing it has to do with their own thoughts and feelings being projected out of their energy field in a very negative way. It attracts more negativity and perpetuates the problem. The hardest part is changing our habits that create this negative energy field. Basically it’s self destructive to continue in this manner. You can’t fight positive growth, it will destroy you.

Learning to except life as it comes and appreciate the life we are given leads to vibrationally matching others just like that. It’s imperative we all take a look at how we’re living and gather the courage to make these changes that can and do catapult us to our greatness. I’m Dee Powell and daily I help others achieve success in life and business. I invite you to get my tips and tricks to Expect Success by clicking and signing up for my newsletter.

Raise your vibrations,

Dee Powell