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People Over 50 Are Starting New Trends With Not So New Small Business Ideas

Retired doesn’t mean expired! It’s up to us (no matter our age) to keep active and living life to it’s fullest. Maybe you’ve seen people over 50 retire People Over 50and fall into a depression or become isolated with lack of things to do. It’s a huge change going from a full daily schedule to just hum-drumming around the house. In earlier years our children and their activities may have kept us busy and on the go. We may be involved in some community events but don’t really know what we should be doing with our lives. We still have that feeling that there’s so much more left to our life….

Left of our purpose here…

And there is…

People Over 50 Are Starting Online Businesses With Experience and Knowledge

Okay 10 small business ideas people over 50 can do. Not everything will be for everyone but I hope that you get the idea behind the ideas. You see, midlife we tend to take what we know a little for granted and don’t see it for what it’s worth in this day and age. Like for instance, Ralph, he’s 58 and People Over 50has played Golf since he was 16. His father and grandfather before him were golfers and he holds a lot of knowledge around the sport. Ralph could easily start a business teaching golf techniques without ever opening up a brick and mortar storefront. He could offer it in person on his free weekends, or in digital format and he never really has to talk with anyone.

Let’s meet Ralph’s neighbor Larry. Larry just retired from a job of 30 years, at age 62. He worked as a mechanic all of his life. His retirement income is not going to be enough to support him and his wife. Larry decides at 62 to zone his garage for business use and opens up shop in his garage. He posts daily on social media and gets a good flow of small jobs he can choose from. Larry, like Ralph, took his talent and turned it into side money. Simply by adding two trends…the boomer generation and technology. The internet is a newer tool to our age group that maybe we’ve overlooked as being a game for the younger generation. If you believe this you’re missing out….Look at Larry and Ralph and their two very simple business ideas.

And there’s more…

Women Over 50 Are Using Creativity To Generate Income

Every day I see a new idea pop up that isn’t really a new idea, but it takes off anyhow. Think of painting, Bob Ross really finessed his brand by doing art tutorials on PBS. Remember how boring they were “Yawn”, yet we couldn’t stop watching him create. Women over 50 are taking it to YouTube video trends and teaching art much like Bob did on T.V. and it may seem like they’re giving it away for free. They’re not, there are advertising kickbacks from YT affiliations. Tools and supplies used in the tutorials can be affiliated with and when viewers purchase from the artists links, the people over 50artist gets paid indirectly. The double side of that is that the artwork created can also be sold making this crafty idea truly monetizable in every direction. Now remove art and insert any other craft from crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, and clay modeling. There really are no excuses when it comes to running with a business idea. Teaching others your skill set empowers and inspires them to achieve more.

Many People Over 50 Get Stuck On The Money Factor

You of course want to know that profit can be made. Here’s a simple way to determine that…back to Larry and Ralph. Do people golf? Do people get their cars worked on? Daily!! When you do something you are passionate about the money isn’t such a factor. You do it because you enjoy it. Ralph didn’t really NEED to open a business but he had the time, experience, and know how, so why not? Same with Larry and the artsy ladies over 50 doing their thing. Sometimes we need to look at the simplest of things in our lives and have confidence in our ability to make our dreams come true.

The list of small business ideas for people over 50 could be as endless as our generation is ageless. The only limit to business ideas for men and women over 50 is their imaginations. Don’t let your thoughts get stuck on the money factor in either direction, it blocks your blessings.

Every small business idea in play right now can be monetized quicker and faster using online business tools. Simply, a blog/website, an autoresponder to collect and connect with leads via email, with tools and training to help you grow in all directions. That’s what you’re reading this information on, my MLSP business blog. It gives me the ability to teach you about business ideas, and how those people over 50 can create an income from home. Check out my story about being 54 and unemployable, and how MLSP can help you reset your life after 50.

Catch you tomorrow,

Dee Powell-Expect Success

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