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Speed Plus Patience Equals Results

“Speed love’s success and success loves speed”. This quote doesn’t mean to do things rapidly and recklessly. It means to implement what you’ve learned as quickly as possible. What happens is that when we get fresh information our brains want to analyze the new info. Our minds will insert all kinds of different thoughts around the taking action part. Analysis can cause paralysis. Speed means to just keep moving, keep applying, and keep learning.

Once you create a daily action plan by plugging into your resources and start taking action you’ll expect to see results. This is where patience comes in. Sometimes we’ll do things for a few days then stop. Either we don’t see the benefit or the expected result and we just stop. This is like stopping a bag of popcorn in the microwave every 20 seconds. You’ll never get a full bag of popcorn if your anticipation interrupts your progress. Whatever you’ve learned implement it rapidly and just keep repeating. Growth comes over time and if we give some things their own time to manifest rather than trying to control the outcome, the results are much more amazing than anything you could’ve anticipated.

Speed Plus Patience Equals Results

When you start something keep going. Don’t stop to overanalyze your expected results. Not everything we’re taught will apply to everyone’s business either. ┬áSometimes you’ll want to adjust things to fit your business or product. You have to have your own spin on things even when edifying your mentors. This is why┬ámany people who are in the same company don’t feel competitive with their peers. We understand that it is us as an individual that sets us apart. We are each unique to our business even if it’s the same business.

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