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Outsourcing 101 When What and Where To Outsource

Every business whether online or off will eventually need to outsource some tasks. As businesses grow so do the demands on the business owner. Overwhelm and burnout can happen fast if unaware and unprepared to deal with a rapid growth spurt. Not outsourcing can hold a business back from ever growing beyond where it’s at. As a business owner you should be aware of when, what and where to outsource your tasks and keep things flowing smoothly.

When To Outsourceoutsource

  • If you’re always late or behind in completing tasks
  • You’re overwhelmed with amount of work
  • You want to grow your business
  • You can’t take on anymore work
  • When you’re clear on your business structure
  • Before you need help

What To Outsource

Any and all tasks can be outsourced if your plan is to step out of the forefront of you business. Outsourcing can be small short term agreements or large projects with long term assignments. Knowing what you need is key. For instance, blogging is often outsourced as it’s time consuming and not everyone writes well. People that can’t or won’t blog can easily fill this need by hiring someone that can and will blog for a fee. If understanding keywords is not your thing you can consult with someone who does understand and outsource to them. It’s like hiring someone to run the counter in your absence. Time consuming tasks that can be handled by others will free up your time to spend as you like. If you are well networked it’s likely you already know someone who is well experienced in meeting your needs. Ask around and you’ll find lots of business owners outsource tasks on a regular basis. Make a list of the tasks you’d like to delegate.


Where To Outsource

There are a zillion place to find freelancers that fit your needs and your budget. You should have an idea of what you want and the amount you’re willing to spend for outsourcing. Trust and communication are key to getting a good freelancer that fits your business needs. Trying a few different people will give you a feel for how different people work. If they are clear on your instructions you’re more likely to get your needs properly met. From small tasks like logo creation or blog articles, to larger social media management and powerful ad campaigns, freelance sites are likely your answer.

Top 5 Place To Outsource Tasks

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Upwork
  • Peopleperhour

Great understanding of your needs, people willing to help you, and massive growth are what make great businesses run smoothly. You don’t have to wait until you are stressed and overwhelmed to hire outsourcers. Plan your business in a way that you will know when to implement outsourcing. Expecting this part of the process can help you avoid major pitfalls of business growth.

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Dee Powell – Expect Success