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How to Make a Door Lock Out of a Fork.

Have you ever wanted a little more security?

Maybe you were in a hotel room and you didn’t really feel like the lock was secure.

Or maybe you went into a gas station bathroom that didn’t have a lock on it.

I found this really cool video that shows you how you can use a simple dinner fork to make a door lock.

 How to Make a Door Lock Out of a Fork 

Recap of video.

  • Place fork in latch hole then mark it with a marker.
  • Then put the fork in vice grips right to the marks on the fork.
  • Take a hammer and bend the fork at the marks.
  • Then remove from the grips and put the handle in the grips.
  • Saw off the top of the fork.
  • Place the fork in the latch hole then close the door.
  • Put the handle through the fork teeth.

That is How you Make a Door Lock Out of a Fork  

A little extra security never hurts. Do you think you would ever try this?

Have a great day!

Deirdre Powell (Dee)

PS. If you liked this video, please leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you think about this door lock.

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