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Not all website owners realize the importance of SEO and what it takes to get a website ranking, and keeping it’s authority in Googles opinion. Here are 3 easy SEO tips to help you get started with some simple optimizing techniques.


SEO Tips Social Media

Social media profiles play a part in your websites rankings. Google will see your business address on profiles and match to your business site. This is called a citation. Also having a link to your website from these business profiles is considered a backlink and it provides “link juice” to your site from their authority. While most think of Google when they think of search engines, realized social media sites are search engines as well. They can be searched and used for research within, think YouTube and how their search results are separate from Google, yet inclusive in Google. Same with Twitter, they’ve added the hashtag benefit to make targeted search a bit easier. When thinking SEO don’t leave out these important social media tips.

1) Social Links Boost Your Rank

2) Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engines

3) Social Media Sites are Search Engines Too



SEO Tips Fresh Content

We are in the era of multiples – having multiple income streams, multiple social media accounts, and multiple ways to provide content. Google loves fresh new content. One of the best ways to grab Google’s attention (as well as viewers) is with multiple types of fresh new content. There is so much information online that is repurposed and reused over and over again. It gets old, Google realizes this and gives more authority to sites that produce daily, original, quality content. This can be in the form of images, articles, blog posts, social media statuses and even videos. People like variety and so do the search engines.

SEO Tips Who Are You Speaking To

Understanding who you’re speaking to, especially when blogging, is an important piece to proper SEO. You’ll read an article and absolutely see that the article was written specifically for ranking. Yet another article you read is all about the user experience without any ranking attributes. You want to balance writing to both the user and the search engines. This balance will allow you to leverage your content in the most optimized way possible without losing the readership.

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Deirdre Powell (Dee)

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