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Growth And Finding Ways To Stretch Yourself

Nothing of worth comes without growth. How do you stretch yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone? Are your fears standing in the way of your success? Watch this video for tips to overcome your fears that stunt your growth.

Growth – Get Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable

When I first started doing Facebook Lives I was petrified. After many days of pushing myself to just do it I got more comfortable with recording them. Now I can do them totally relaxed. This is GROWTH! If you’re in business you’ll meet many obstacles that may make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t be quick to dismiss doing things you really don’t want to do. In my experience these are the exact things we must do to experience a growth spurt or gain greater knowledge. I’ve learned to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable as I know it’s for my best interest. You can expect great change if you’re unwilling make great change. It’s not even a pass or fail, it’s are you willing to grow? Every time we confront fear in this way we give ourselves permission to grow beyond the person we are today. Successful people feel the fear and do it anyhow.

Grow Yourself Grow Your Business

The more you develop yourself the more your business will grow. Getting involved in your business, creating relationships with others in your industry, and spreading your message are all ways to grow yourself personally and professionally. A good way to do so is by getting to business and marketing events. It’s a way to get in the know and let others know who you are. Business is not just about the money. Relationships you build now may be a part of your future success that you can’t yet see. Be willing to expand yourself beyond the normal. This is where you become extraordinary.

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Stretch yourself and expect success,

Dee Powell