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Do You Eat 7 To 13 Fruits and Vegetables Daily?

Are you like me? I don’t eat 7 to 13 fruits and vegetables daily yet those are the daily requirements. For me, I’m diabetic, fruits have natural sugars that I’m required to stay away from. That means my body is missing those daily nutrients. I went on a research binge to find out if I could easily get these nutrients in an alternative way. You’re not going to believe what I found.

Who Eats 7 To 13 Fruits and Vegetables Daily?

I asked this question on a FB Live. It’s not too alarming that the results were “do Cheetos count”? Especially when I myself don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables to meet the daily requirements. Let’s get serious for a moment though. Cheetos don’t hold nutrition and our brains don’t function properly without the proper fuel. Are we just going to skip it because life is too busy? Or because we don’t have time to keep track? What about how that Fruits and Vegetables Dailyreflects on our families and the habits we pass onto them? We can’t just skip over nutrition. We can however find alternatives that meet these nutritional needs of eating 7 to 13 fruits and vegetables a day without the time consumption.

I found a fast easy way to get the nutrients my body requires (even fruits and I’m diabetic). Healthy eating doesn’t require as much time and expense as commonly thought. I’ve found that’s more of an excuse to avoid the changes. I’m aging and I’m focused on exercising and eating better. It sets a great example to my family and friends. And it makes me feel good. Taking care of your nutritional needs is a major part of healthy living. It’s as simple as making healthy choices and staying committed to that decision.

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To Our Health,

Dee Powell – Expect Success