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Do You Get Friend Requests From High Ranking Military Men

Are you getting friend requests from high ranking military men on Facebook or other social media accounts? You need to be aware that the chances of them being who they portray themselves to be is slim. It’s a sign that shouldn’t make you fearful but definitely stay away from them. There are many tell tale signs that you may be dealing with a fake profile. It doesn’t mean there’s not a real person behind it, just that they are playing the role of someone else to garner your friendship.

What To Do With Friend Requests From High Ranking Military Men

Don’t engage with them at all. Some stories others have told are similar in nature but the intent is basically to suck you in emotionally then drain your bank account. They will tell you they are widowed, single fathers, abandoned by their troops and a myriad of other problems. In some cases they have feigned love for a person over a period of time and make promises that some people easily fall for. It’s unlikely a 4 Star General is roaming Facebook looking for a new wife.

I’ve also read this is a common tactic used on online dating sites. These people are never in the area you live in and have no intentions of ever meeting you in person. They fill your head with what you want to hear then ask you for financial favors. T.V. talk shows have featured these types of issues on their shows. Many times these fakes won’t even look at your profile. They are just using a script and duplicating it to many at once.

Don’t be naive and fall for this type of engagement, especially if you’re online working. You can delete the friend request, you can report the profile as spam, or you can block the profile altogether. There are other signs you can look for but the safest thing to do is look over their profile thoroughly, and don’t accept ones that seem fishy or too good to be true.

Be safe out there,

Dee Powell-Expect Success