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Babysitting and Bath Fitters Review


Hey Dee Powell coming at you live tonight with the grandkids. I’m babysitting while my son and daughter in law ran to the store. We had Bath Fitters come in today and redo one of our bathrooms. They ran out to grab a shower curtain and some other odds and ends. I’m here with Melody and Leah holding down the fort.

I can’t get over how nice the Bath Fitters made my bathroom. My house was built in 1959, we’ve done the bathroom before. My husband did anyhow. The area around the drain was sinking in, tiles were absent or loose. It was just time to do it, and do it right. The guy showed up at 8am this morning and worked until 5pm to finish it all in one day. That’s one thing that was really nice, not real construction happening in the house. I mean we’ve got a house full already with my two adult kids, a daughter in law, and two grand kids running around. I’m glad it was a hassle free installation with little to no disruption to our routine. Well, except that we can’t use that shower for 24 hours while it sets. Not a real big deal as we have another full bathroom.

The panels Bath Fitters replaced our old tiles with is full sheet. So one huge piece, yet the design makes it look like tiles. The one piece install also is not applied with grout filling between the tiles. That part was important to me because it dissuades mold and mildew growth. In Florida here with the warmer, humid climate it’s hard not to have mold or mildew. We try to be health conscious, so again seeing the shape my old bathroom was in reminds me this was also a healthier choice for the long run.

Another great feature Bath Fitters installed was the flooring. He did have to build up the flooring some because of the sinking sub flooring. What they did though was lay a panel over the flooring, that covers theĀ bottom of the shower area. It comes textured, with no slip nubs on the floor. I love this for the little ones, and of course us adults who aren’t spring chickens anymore. Safety in the bathroom has been covered.

So I’m just sitting here with the grand kids, ooohing and awwing at the finished look of the bathroom. I can’t get over how quickly he got it done, and the make over it gave my whole bathroom. Now when the kids make it back from the store we can put the finishing touches on the decor. Can you believe they also applied a built in corner shelf? It looks so amazing. We’d talked about doing this awhile back but at that time I was convinced that Bath Fitters was over priced. Now that I see the final outcome, I wish I did it sooner. It’s done now, and I can’t wait to step into the new shower tomorrow after the setting time has passed.