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Say “I Love You Too!”

Recently I went to the Rubies Connection Women’s Ministry meeting at my church. I wrote another blog, The 23rd Psalm about the meeting.

This blog is about something that I didn’t write about in the The 23rd Psalm blog.

Our Women’s Ministry leader said that when we thank the Lord for things that we should say “Thank you Lord, I love you too“.

Now this didn’t really hit me until one of my friends came up to me on Sunday and started talking about how it impacted her. So I have been trying to remember what our Women’s Ministry leader said. I can’t really remember exactly what she said but I’m going to give my take on it.

The 23rd Palm study was about getting to know our Shepherd. Spending time with him and really getting to know him. Saying “I love you too” to the Lord changes our conversations with Him from being one sided to being two sided.

When you’ve been praying for something and your prayer gets answered, that’s the Lord telling you He loves you. When you say “thank you Lord, I love you too” you are responding to Him in a more personal way. Like you have a relationship with him, which is what He wants. God isn’t just some being up there in heaven that doesn’t really care about the little things in your life. He’s right there with you every day, talking to you in ways that maybe you aren’t aware of. He cares about everything you are going through. He cares about the little things.

I decided to start saying “I Love you too” every time I said “Thank you Lord”. I’ve been doing it every time since the meeting. It has made a difference in how I feel about my relationship with the Lord. The conversation doesn’t feel one sided anymore. It feels deeper. You know how you feel when you tell someone that you love them and they say “I love you too” back to you, that’s how God feels when you say it back to Him.

Give it a try and leave me a comment below telling me if and how it made an impact on your relationship with the Lord.

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Dee Powell

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