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How Are You Planning To Finance Your Retirement Lifestyle

Many of us dream about the vacations we’ll take with our spouses, or trips to Disney with the grand kids. We planned on having our home paid off and to be living a life of comfort and freedom from job stress. Did you plan properly to finance your retirement lifestyleFinance Your Retirement Lifestyle

But, what if something we didn’t plan for happens? Do we have enough savings? Is there still “security” in Social Security? What if you hit middle age and find yourself unemployed? Sick? Or injured? Are you certain your nest egg will cover your “what if’s”?

These are some of the biggest reasons I decided to start an online business. I became concerned about my family’s future! We had planned for the good things that were yet to come. And no matter how well you think you plan for “what if’s” things don’t always work out the way we want them to.

I know first hand how frustrating it is to try to stretch an income that isn’t enough to make ends meet. I know how it feels to think these dreams might remain just that, dreams. I also know what it feels like when you think you’re letting your family down. By no fault of your own. And that overwhelming weight of worry when the bills are piling and you can’t see your way through.

See, I got laid off from my job of 15 years. I was 54 years old and I found it very difficult to find another job. It seemed to me that most jobs I interviewed with were looking for younger people fresh out of college. I found myself out of practice for job interviewing. My experience didn’t seem to matter and my morale was shrinking.

I knew that giving up on myself was not the answer. Besides my husband and I, some of our grown children were living with us, and my two grandchildren. I needed to find something and quick. Never did I imagine becoming this vulnerable at this point in my life.

The Quick Way To Finance Your Retirement Lifestyle Is Not Always The Right Way

Finance Your Retirement Lifestyle The quick answer was unemployment. It’s not really quick, it’s time consuming with a lot of weekly paperwork. There’s more to it than signing up and getting your money. Not only do you continue to job seek you now have to submit so many proofs to get your money. It makes more work on top of already trying work.

Unemployment didn’t go very far and it was only a portion of the wages I earned while employed. After being out of work for 4 years I had completely depleted my 401K plan. This made things seem even more desperate.

I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. Let’s face it the bills still needed paid regardless of whether I had a job or not. And they were stacking up.

Social Security came to mind but I was too young to collect Social Security. I would have to wait until I was 66 & 1/2. And even if I could collect social security it wouldn’t be enough for me to survive on. That meant my retirement dreams might go right out the window. I was determined to not let this happen. You can finance your retirement lifestyle on your own.

Instead of sitting in worry, concern, and panic I did the most beneficial thing I could for myself and my family. I started researching how to make money online.

I searched and searched until I found something that excited me.

Knowing what I didn’t want to do more than knowing what I could do. I didn’t want to go door to door and I didn’t want to buy phone leads and spend all my time on the phone cold calling people.

And I didn’t want to be prospecting my family and friends.

I tried a few different things at first. I failed at some and lost interest in others. I had to find something that would fit my needs. Something that would not eat up my time, and that would provide for my family into my retirement years.

I kept searching for an answer, a solution to this problem I didn’t plan for. I started to doubt myself and thought maybe all this hard work was for not. My reasons for searching kept me strong willed and determined to find exactly what I needed. I couldn’t let my family down, they were depending on me.

Rather than online programs I found that I could build an online business from scratch. I could do this right from the comfort of my own home, even though I had never done anything like this before.

Crazy, right? WRONG!

Look at what I found to help finance your retirement lifestyle!

Finance Your Retirement LifestyleI found out that you didn’t have to know how to do everything before you start a business. Many companies supply training you can go through at your own pace. Most even provide this on a weekly basis. Even a technically challenged person could do this.

Since I needed change quick I wasted no more time searching. I found a business model that would work for me. By that I mean, even in my absence my business continues to flourish. Those dreams of Disney with the grandkids lit a fire that couldn’t be distinguished.

I got excited that I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get started like you would with a “normal” business. No extra overhead costs like rent, utilities, and no supplies to keep it running. It was so cost effective with the potential to earn that I couldn’t let it slip through my fingers.

I took a deep breath and decided this is it, I’m doing this!

There was an easy step by step process that helped me get started right away and put me into profit quickly. You can do this too!

The ease of set up was such a relief…

All I had to do was follow the steps outlined in the back office. I quickly started seeing growth. My mind was expanding into realization that this had always been an option. It’s one idea that I continuously overlooked. I’m glad I stopped to take a closer look.

You’re never too old to learn something new. Some people think that because they are over 50 they can’t learn something new. I never believed that. I believe that we should always keep learning new things everyday…

Until our last breath. It’s what keeps us youthful.

I discovered that I loved to learn new things. I quickly became dedicated to learning as learning brought new things to the table.
Things I hadn’t considered before unemployment tried to steal my future retirement dreams.

Through the trainings in the back office…

I learned to use Facebook for business.
How to create a Fan Page that actually gets found.
I’ve learned how to run Facebook ads.
And how to do social videos by using Facebook Live.

Knowing that Facebook is not the only powerful social platform…

I learned how to use Twitter to get leads and generate sales.
How to use Snap Chat for business and lead capturing.
How to use Instagram to get business leads.
I learned about getting leads and how to use an autoresponder.
How to send email using the auto responder.
How to create an eBook for giving away solid information.

About keyword research and so much more…

I wanted to travel. To be able to take my grandchildren to Disney World and spoil them…Finance Your Retirement Lifestyle

I wanted my husband and I to have the quality time to reflect on our lives and what we created together…

I didn’t want to worry or be concerned about how to finance my future due to unemployment…

I wanted the security that Social Security couldn’t provide…

I wasn’t able to do that before…I couldn’t even think straight.

Not until I took matters into my own hands!

I wanted to be able to retire my husband and take some pressure off him. He’s worked hard for our family too.

I wanted to be able to enjoy my life, travel when I wanted and not have to work for someone else.

I wanted to create a cushion for those unavoidable “what if’s” and take control of my life.

Build Your Dreams and Finance Your Retirement Lifestyle

At this point…

I don’t ever want to punch a timeclock again. Freedom is what I was looking for, financial freedom and time freedom. Freedom to spend quality time with family over struggling to make ends meet.

What do you want out of life? Are you ready to take matters into your own hands like I did? Do you need to add security to your current situation? Are your “what if’s” covered?

There is much more to online business than just the money. Though a financial crisis starts a fire that must be doused. How can it not be about the money?

Ever heard that money is power? It is, but not the way you think. Most people use money to get their needs met. It quickly runs out and they clamor to earn more. With that mentality there will always be the need for more of it and struggle is constant.

I learned money can be used as a tool to grow more money. Using money rather than it using you. When you plant a seed, water and nourish it daily, no doubt it will grow. There was much more driving my decision to start a business than my financial status.

It made sense to me to work for myself. It gave me the most control over my life and my circumstances. And sure there were fees. Those were minimal compared to the wasted gas, oil, and time it took to interview for jobs that wouldn’t even hire me. Or the costs it would’ve taken to set up shop somewhere. Minimal costs with unlimited potential for earning. Talk about the right place at the right time. This was for ME!

I wanted to be able to support charitable organizations. I love children and I wanted to be able to make a difference in the world for kids.

If I couldn’t pay my own bills how could I make a difference in the lives of others?Finance Your Retirement Lifestyle

What kind of example was I impressing on my own children, and grandchildren?

And just like you’re thinking right now…I didn’t know where to start either.

The really cool thing is that I’ve been where you are. I didn’t know what I was doing but I was determined. Just like you, to find how to finance your retirement lifestyle. I can point you to the library of training’s in the back office that give you everything you need to start. Already there waiting for you to look at the one idea that you keep overlooking. You can take the exact same steps I did to start seeing growth. There are weekly training’s to keep you updated and motivated. These are available live, recorded and stored in the back office. And you always have my assistance should you get lost in your direction or stuck on something.

Believe In Yourself You Can Finance Your Retirement Lifestyle Without Fear

Maybe you don’t believe you can do this. I think it’s normal to feel that way. I thought that too, for a long time. Then I realized it’s a bad pattern. We dismiss things as “I can’t” before even putting forth any effort. Guess what I found out? That I can do it. I learned that by working on my own personal development I could build belief in myself and in my abilities. I only had to believe I could and give it my best shot.

Once I started getting results my belief blew wide open.

There are many “excuses” we feed ourselves. Most are more self destructive than proactive in our lives. While rational, they don’t serve our greater purpose. If they don’t move us forward then we ourselves are to blame for our stuck situations.

Not having time, for example. We’re all busy with life and getting through the challenges it brings. I thought I didn’t have the time either. I have 5 kids and 2 grand-kids. Most of them lived here with me beyond graduation. I was constantly busy with my family and with church activities. A lot of time the days ran together.

What I learned to do is book my time on the calendar every day, just like I was working a job. With that change I found the time to work my business everyday. I decided that from 9 P.M. to 12 A.M. every night I would work on my business activities. It worked perfectly for me because after 9 P.M. my house is quiet and there was little to distract me.

Another change I made to find more time is I stopped watching TV. I tallied up the hours in front of the T.V. and knew they could be better spent. These two things allowed me to remain totally focused on building my business. I am so glad I did!

Jobless After 50Another common fear for those of us over 50 is being afraid of technology.

Today, most people have a computer in their home. Computers are a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. My 89 year old Mom has a computer. She enjoys being on Facebook and connecting with her friends that she doesn’t get to see.

Technology can be fun, and it can be fun learning new things. You can learn things like how to use Instagram to share inspirational quotes with images. Sending out a ripple effect of inspiration to people you may not even know. It’s also a great learning tool we can share with our grand-kids.

That’s the cool thing about online businesses. The people you touch and help change their lives into a positive, proactive one. That type of stuff is memorable and can’t be replaced. I’ve made some of the neatest friends online through my networking activities. I’ve even had the opportunity to meet many of them in person. Each of them holding their own skill-set that can possibly help you. To fear technology is just fear of connecting in an unknown environment.

For this reason, my company has created a whole community around the company. You can connect daily to live calls, or training webinars. Besides the library that plum full of past and current trainings you get my assistance in areas I excel at. There’s a true support system so you never have to feel lost or alone wondering what to do. It’s kind of like family and another reason I’m glad I got laid off from my job at 54.

Maybe you’ve tried to start a business before? Or you know someone who did and it didn’t work for them?

I’ve tried other MLM businesses myself. They always had me doing home parties or prospecting my family and friends. I hated doing that. I wasn’t successful because I didn’t like feeling that I always had to be prospecting my friends. Your friends start avoiding you after awhile because they know you are going to bring up that MLM you are in.

Home parties are great for people who love to interact with people all the time. I personally didn’t want to be lugging samples of products around all the time. They’re also time consuming of hours I like to enjoy with my family. Most home parties are in the evening and I couldn’t see sacrificing my time like that. I was always so stressed out doing Home Parties. Missing precious family time is what sank my morale doing them. Because those didn’t work out for me I didn’t let that ruin ideas of starting a different opportunity. Not everything is for everybody.

Another common “logical” excuse…Finance Your Retirement Lifestyle

I won’t know what I’m doing.

The potential to earn money is the reason most people want to start a home business. For others, lack of money and a desperate situation will have them seeking new avenues. These are two types of people.

*Those that see opportunity and never question the cost. They already see the value and make decisions based on knowing their own abilities.

Then there are those that don’t quite know the value. They may have a glimpse of the potential from this limited viewpoint.

*These people need to get into new habits of learning. They may need more direction and applying themselves causes their breakthrough to happen.

Both have the same unlimited earning potential. I fell into the second category. I questioned and wondered. It’s smart to ask about what you don’t understand so that your viewpoint isn’t blinded.

I had to believe in my why’s so strongly that what I didn’t know was a secondary factor. Confidence in what I didn’t know could be learned helped ease this challenge out of my way.

And yet another “logical” excuse…

I don’t have the money.

Guess what? I didn’t either! I understood the value even though I didn’t fully have the know how. At the same time the fees were minimal compared to what I was spending even looking for a job.

The grandkids wanted to go to Disney World….I don’t have the money.

The cable bill is due…I don’t have the money.

The car is almost out of gas…I don’t have the money.

See how easily this excuse is inserted. While it may be true, until you have the money and invest it properly there is no way out of that pattern.

Jobless After 50It Doesn’t Cost An Arm and A Leg To Finance Your Retirement Lifestyle

It doesn’t take a lot of money to start. Not near as much if you started a franchise. Those can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you were setting up a business location outside of your home you’d still have high overhead. These types of business cause you to invest substantially and take higher risks. You don’t need further risks. You want to be able to have something that is affordable, growable, and has a big earning potential.

I didn’t have that type of money although at one point I was looking for a franchise. I realized that even if I did invest in a franchise I wouldn’t make money right away. The same goes for brick and mortar businesses. Most of the money goes to franchise fees, payroll, leases, licensing, and zoning. Sounded like backward movement to me.

The great thing is that for a fraction of what a franchise would cost you can start you own business. You can work from the comfort of your home and you don’t have to pay any employees. Maybe down the road when you grow so much you need a virtual assistant to handle the little tasks. But in the beginning you really don’t need to add that expense.

When you start seeing your money grow you’ll realize it’s an investment in yourself. You aren’t just spending money, you’re investing in the freedoms you desire. You are creating a garden to plant seeds and grow income. The blooming of being your ability to finance your retirement lifestyle. Just because things don’t go as planned, even those “what if’s”, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams.