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No Is Part Of The Process Are You Getting The Lesson

A lot of times we go through our business model with prospects and get a no for an answer. No is part of the process. Every no you get you’ll learn something from. Pay attention to how you present and adjust to get those yes’s. Nothing happens overnight.

Don’t Let The No’s Discourage You

Doing a sales presentation is practice. Once you finesse this by practicing over and over again the yes’s will automatically be drawn to you. Consider no’s as part of the process and sometimes it takes 100’s of no’s to get a yes. Don’t sweat the no’s and make a point to learn from them every time. No’s can sometimes make us feel discouraged. You have to find your reason for being in business and keep pushing toward that goal. Take the no’s and just move on. You can assess what you could’ve done differently but don’t overthink it. Every no brings the next yes that much closer.

The Mind Don’t Mind The No’s

It’s really a good mindset that keeps one from being discouraged by no’s. If you believe in yourself and your business no’s mean the other party is missing out on the good stuff. When you keep a proper perspective of “always having the good stuff” it turns the no’s into someone else’s loss rather than your own. In fact, putting the sale before the person is a common cause of no’s.  Make sure you are getting to know the person and understand how your business can help their specific needs. This is key to getting the yes’s. You don’t want to be out there trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Having a continuous amount of no’s could mean you’re not targeting the proper audience for your offer.

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