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My Grandmothers Impact on Me

I have 2 beautiful granddaughters, Leah and Melody. Leah is 4 and Melody will be 2 on April 1.

The joy that I get from my granddaughters isn’t something I can really put into words. My son Allen and his wife Candy and the girls live with my husband and I so I have the privilege of being in my granddaughter’s daily life. Which is a blessing to me and I think for them as well. I love Leah asking me to read her stories and Melody trying to climb into my lap and wanting me over anyone else.

My Grandmothers

I was very close to both my grandmothers, and I always wanted to be the kind of grandmother that my grandmothers were to me. I loved them deeply and although they have both been gone for over 30 years I still think of them often. I still miss them.

Grandma Sullivan

Grandma Sullivan lived in Hyannis Ma. and we lived in Ft. Lauderdale Fl, we still had a lot of special times together. I remember as a child my Grandparents used to come down in the winter and stay with us. I looked forward to their visits and our visits to Hyannis. Grandma Sullivan used to make up games to play with us like button button who’s got the button. She used to also make us chocolate bread pudding that we used to have with vanilla ice cream. She taught me how to make it, it’s one of my favorite deserts although I haven’t made it in a long time.

Grandma Sullivan always used Jergens lotion and to this day when ever I smell Jergens lotion I am flooded with memories of my Grandma Sullivan. My siblings always said I was her favorite and they picked on me for it but I don’t know if that’s true but she always made me feel special. I looked like her side of the family more than the rest of my siblings. I used to write letters to her all the time and I looked forward to getting letters from her. Of course that was back when we had real letters delivered by the Post Office and not email. I still have some of her letters to me. I like to read them from time to time. It makes me feel like she is still here.

Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan 50th Wedding Anniversary

Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan 50th Wedding Anniversary

When we would go to Hyannis Grandma Sullivan used to take us for a walk down the path in the woods behind her house to the beach. I used to love being there in the woods it was like a little adventure. We would look for the old railroad ties that were still visible from when the railroad used to go to the dock at the beach, and Grandma would point out to us all the different types of plants and she would have us smell the bayberry.

Grandma Sullivan used to sit in her chair and do crossword puzzles all the time, she said it kept her mind sharp. Sometimes I would catch her staring at me and ask her why she was staring at me and she would say, “I’m memorizing your face.” I find myself saying that too sometimes to my kids and granddaughter.

Grandma Botti

My Grandma Botti (Nonni to my cousins) was the best cook in the world. I still remember the smells of the gravy (we called spaghetti sauce gravy not sauce) cooking on the stove. I loved going to her house I loved tasting the gravy. Sometimes there would be macaroni layed out all over the house to dry on white table clothes. She made the best home made macaroni. She would roll them out with a wire. The best macaroni I ever had. I’ve never tasted anything like it since. My Grandma & Grandpa Botti lived here in Ft Lauderdale we got to see them all the time. There were lots of family gathering at their house and I cherish all the times we spent together.

Grandma and Grandpa Botti 50th Anniversary

Grandma and Grandpa Botti 50th Anniversary

As my Grandparent got older they sold their house and moved into an apartment down the street from us. I used to go there on my day off every Wednesday and spend the day with them. They tried to make their doctor appointments on Wednesdays so that I could take them because at one point my Grandfather stopped driving.

I loved sitting and talking to Grandma Botti when I would visit with her. I loved hearing her stories of how things were when she was young. The stories about her parents, and how life was after her Mom died when she was still young. We also used to play cribbage all the time. She loved playing card games and I did too. It was a special time.

Being a Grandma

I love being a Grandma, I always knew I would. Some people don’t look forward to the day they become a Grandparent, but I have never felt that way. I have always looked forward to being a Grandparent. There is no better feeling in the world. My goal is to make my granddaughters feel as special as my Grandmothers made me feel.

Being a Mom was awesome. I have five children and I would have had more if I could have because I love kids. But Mom’s don’t have time to enjoy their kids like Grandparents do. It’s like you have all this worry and responsibility when you become a parent. You have questions and you’re always trying to do everything right. You’re always wondering did I do this right or did I handle that OK.

Being a Grandma is as awesome as being a Mom but better. You get to love without the worry of am I doing everything right. I tell my daughter-in-law all the time that it’s my job to spoil them. And of course I do!

Deirdre Powell (Dee)

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