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MRI’s Termites and Kids Cutting Hair

What’s a busy grandmother to do? My husband has been having some health check-ups. One part is to do a MRI, another is to do a sleep study. I’m pretty certain he suffers from sleep apnea. We’ll let the doctors do their work and keep prayers in the air that it’s nothing serious. He’s been a little foggy and forgetful recently. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

At the same time, we’re packing to stay in a hotel for a couple of days. We’re having the house tented and gassed for termites. You might remember meKids Cutting Hair mentioning the termite droppings in another post. So we’re having to put foods in storage, covering items, and packing to go. What do you know? The kids got the scissors and cut each others hair.  Some days you just have to laugh at life. I think the kids and hair cutting is like a swearing in ritual. What kid hasn’t done this? What parent hasn’t asked themselves how they can prevent this? On the bright side, I’m glad tomorrow isn’t picture day.

This is life!! As crazy as it can be, as busy as it can keep us, we still have to love every minute of it. Taking care of my husbands health will give him more time for us to enjoy our life together. Sure it’s a pain in the butt to make and get to appointments. The alternative is scarier. Same with dealing with the termite issue. We have plans to eventually sell the house. Getting rid of the termites increases our investment, and allows us to live in a healthier environment.

So even though I feel a little bogged down with the current happenings I can look at the larger picture and gain a greater perspective of things. Everything is a process. Every day and every moment is a piece to the puzzle we call life. Enjoy it! I’m off to the hotel and can’t wait to get back home. We’ll likely take the girls to get their hair cuts too. I’m still laughing!

Do you get bogged down by daily life? Are you able to look at things from a greater perspective? These processes help me in my business as well. Want to know how I work from home and am able to more time focusing on my family? Click here! Have you caught your kids cutting hair? Comment below, I want to hear your funny life story.


Dee Powell