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Spending Time With My Husband

It’s interesting how some things transpire. I found myself feeling truly grateful for spending time with my husband. I love and cherish all of my family, and make them a priority in my life. But earlier tonight my husband asked me out to a movie. Of course I agreed.


We decided to go see “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. It’s right after Christmas and some one on one time with my husband sounded like a good night. I didn’t know I was going to get emotional. At the end of the movie of course there’s Carrie Fisher tributes. She just passed away yesterday, and then today her mother Debbie Reynolds passes away. And it all just hit me.

I couldn’t imagine how it must’ve felt for Debbie losing her daughter, and her best friend. I guess if someone can die from a broken heart, she’d be proof. It made me think of my own family, my children, and my grand children. I looked over at my husband and I was overcome with such gratitude. Just for being right there, in that moment, as he has been for so many other moments. Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit still lingering to make things bright in what seems like a dark and gloomy time. It’s true, we’ve lost many greats this year, and with fast information at our fingertips, we go through it together.

I think that’s what we can truly appreciate, we’re never promised tomorrow. We’re suppose to live in the present, and be present. Especially for our family members. I’m glad my evening was spending time with my husband. It reminded me to be grateful, and to always let our loved ones know they are loved.


Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate you.

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Deirdre Powell (Dee)