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Family Time Day 7 of 30 Days of FB Live Streams


Family time and Day 7 of my 30 days of Facebook live streams. Today was my grand daughter Leah’s birthday. We had a really great birthday party for her. The party was suppose to be at a park pavilion we rented out. It turned out to be a very rainy day so we didn’t get to have the party at the pavilion. Everyone ended up coming here to the house, it was pretty crazy. We weren’t prepared to have it at the house. Everybody had a good time anyway. There were alot of people, alot of kids, and very noisy. It was alot of fun.

It was a big day for Leah, she sang earlier in the day at church. She was part of the kids Christmas program. Our whole family went to church with her. It was a spectacular presentation, all the students participated, and the production was amazing. Little glowing faces, songs of the season, and being with family really made it special for all of us. You know what they say about family’s that pray together.

Family Time Is Important

Today was a truly a great family day, and was highly enjoyable despite the minor issues. While they were setting up at the pavilion, I was here cooking hot dogs and hamburgers at the house. Preparing ahead of time to bring the food for the party.  Just as I was getting ready to leave there was a huge torrential downpour, and the rain lasted pretty much the rest of the day. So much for trying to avoid having the party at the house. We also had to forfeit our rental payment. At least it goes to the city park for upkeep.

I didn’t prepare a topic for tonight, my day was filled with family time. I thought it’d be a great reminder to spend time with family, especially this time of year. We can get so wrapped up in our life responsibilities that we forget those near and dear to us. You never know what tomorrow¬†might bring. Love your loved ones. Celebrate life events, holidays, and set aside special time for them.