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Expect Success Team Call Golden Nuggets

Weekly we have a live team call that my upline sponsor hosts. Tonight on the Expect Success team call we talked about a quote by Tony Robbins that really made me want to share it with you. “If you get stronger in the tough times you will dominate the rest of your life”. Powerful quote for motivating through tough times in life.

What Tony is saying is to not avoid the pain but the strengthen yourself during that time. The next time tough times come calling you’ll already have the muscle to muster through the situation. Sometimes it’s our minds that convince us it’s a tough time when really it’s just that we are being called to grow beyond what we are. Strength and adaptability helps us get through difficult times and are a good reminder when we think there is no end in sight. When you think about it we already have 100% batting average when overcoming obstacles. Think about it! You’re still here right?

Strength isn’t always about how tough you are but how much you can handle. Learning to cope through issues is strength and those coping skills teach us to breeze through the next obstacle with reassurance and confidence. This is the muscle building needed for personal strength and dealing with things beyond our control.

One of the best ways to build strength during difficult times is to pray for strength and guidance. It’s amazing how God answers our prayers when we ask for what we need. Sometimes people’s minds get caught up in the problems and the Lord is the last one we think to call on. He will fill you with the strength you need to get through. Keep the faith!

Every week on our team call we discuss topics ranging from business, marketing, and personal development. Our team calls are meant to keep our team connected and in the info loop of what’s happening within our company. I always learn something new and love sharing that knowledge with you. If you liked this article leave a comment or share it out to social media. I know there’s someone going through difficulty right now that needs to hear this.


Dee Powell-Expect Success