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Clean Drinking Water Should You Be Concerned About The Water You Drink?

Clean drinking water is a regular every day necessity. Whether for consumption, bathing, laundering, cooking or other daily uses, we need to be aware what chemicals or contaminates we may be subjected to. Especially in the areas of direct water consumption. Clean drinking water isn’t as common as you might think. Knowing where your water comes from, what possible contaminates it contains, and which chemicals are being used to combat those contaminates, and the long term health problems that could arise. Sounds like alot? If you have public water, your clean drinking water provider should send you out a yearly notification listing metals, chemicals, additives, and possible contaminates. This information can otherwise be requested by phone or in person, and they should provide it to you. This is not to say “don’t trust”, it’s more “trust, but verify”. Do you even know what’s in your water?

clean drinking water

We don’t always think about where our water comes from, or where others source their water from. All water is not created equal either. Some rural areas are still using well water, or have to drive to a clean water source. Many urban areas like Flint Michigan, Albuquerque New Mexico, and Corpus Christi Texas are facing crisis due to poor quality water supply. Flint Michigan being affected with lead poisoning at one point, then a boil water advisory due to fecal bacteria in the drinking water supply. Ingesting lead can lead to nerve damage, and have other effects on the heart, kidney’s and can lead to slow fetal growth for pregnant women. Albuquerque affected by an “environmental mishap” that poisoned ground water with uranium. The primary risk to the body from uranium poisoning would be kidney toxicity. The culprit? A dry cleaning plant chemical spill. 10-20 more years of removing tons of cancer causing chemicals from the ground before one neighborhood in “Paradise Hills” New Mexico can claim nontoxic ground water supply. Yes, you should be concerned about the water you and your family are drinking!

Interesting FACT: Our Bodies Are Made Up of Over 50% Waterclean drinking water

Do you remember the movie from 2000 called Erin Brokovich? It’s a dramatization of a true story outlining her fight against utility companies. They were knowingly poisoning waters and not releasing information regarding high cases of cancer, tumors, birth defects, thyroid issues, and/or other life threatening diseases related to chemical use, or overuse in the drinking water. She helped the people effected health-wise to sue the companies, and won many cases, proving to all of us that “yes, this is really happening”. Corpus Christi Texas residents made jokes out of disaster after water boil advisories were issued for the third year in a row due to ecoli bacteria in the drinking water. Yearly water boils? That’s not funny at all! In 2016 alone they experienced 3 water boil advisories. Leaving many needy residents unprepared, and without alternative to the bacteria ridden waters from severely deteriorated water supply infrastructure. Their solution to the problem? Adding chlorine to the drinking water to kill the ecoli bacteria like they did in Flint with fecal bacteria. Making the water “safe” to drink, yet it smells like a city pool, tasted like it, and well…who
drinks pool water? The residents put up such a fuss the real Erin Brokovich sent advisers to meet with city representatives. Funds being the main issue in truly resolving the water crisis in Corpus Christi, where monies are allotted to tourist attractions over striving for community members long term wellness. These problems are not limited to just these areas. This is likely more common than not. Trust, but verify. Corpus Christi residents can look to the Flint situation as their future if changes aren’t made sooner than later.

Clean Drinking Water Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy Drinking Water

Metals and chemicals ingested or absorbed by the body don’t always show signs of ill effect immediately. People who frequently travel might give good testimony on avoiding drinking water in foreign countries. Yet these days even different city waters can cause a change in our body chemistry, wrecking havoc on our system. Drinking toxic water may result in stomach cramping, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting or worse. These symptoms suggest a highly acidic environment which is a perfect environment for cancer cells to develop. Clean drinking water should be our number one priority. If we can’t control outside forces, we have to find a way to provide healthy drinking water for ourselves, and our families.

Interesting FACT: Traveler’s Diarrhea Is Humorously Referred To As Montezuma’s Revenge

Some folks have converted over to using water filtration systems, or purchasing bottled drinking water from their local grocery store. While these are great forward thinking ideas, they don’t hold water to their claims. When tested most water filtration systems aren’t truly filtering out anything after the first couple of weeks of use. Filters need to be maintained, and most people who buy water filtration systems fail to keep them up. Bottled water doesn’t necessarily mean clean, healthy drinking water either. Some claims made against bottled water companies have proven that they were just bottling regular tap water, and selling it as “Spring Water”.

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With all this information, the chemicals, contaminates, accidents, and false claims…how can we trust but verify our water supply is clean, safe, and healthy for us to drink? First step, asking your water provider for the yearly readout of chemicals in your water, and their levels. Second step, test your water yourself. Here’s a video where pH test drops were used to test several different brands of bottled water, and Florida tap water.

Clean Drinking Water 13 Bottle Test To Check If Drinking Water Is Acidic or Alkaline


The results might surprise you, the goal is to have alkaline water instead of acidic water. Drinking alkaline water aides in reducing cancer risks, lowering cholesterol levels, lowering risks of dementia, helps with reflux issues, and many other common ailments. There’s a way to insure the water you’re drinking is alkaline over acidic, healthy over toxic, and clean over dirty. Without too much fuss. This is a major advancement as cancer cells have shown to be unable to survive in an alkaline environment. Chemicals used in your drinking supply, even at or below federal safety levels, can still damage your organs with long term consumption. Water providing agencies aren’t cleaning up, don’t have the funds to fix infrastructure, or are adding more dangerous chemicals to offset the already existent drinking water problem. I found a solution for my family, and I. Take this quick quiz to see if your household qualifies for more information on providing clean, healthy drinking water

Take This Quick Quiz To Qualify

1) Does your water ever appear clouded, discolored, or have a brownish red tint?
2) When you turn your faucet on, has your water ever had a foul smell to it, like rotten eggs, or bleach?
3) Do current water crises have you concerned about your future health, or your children’s future health?
4) Are you interested in clean green living, and alternative ways of life?
5) Do you know someone who’s ever been effected by a water shortage due to storms, old infrastructure, or other circumstance outside of their control?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above you automatically qualify to receive information on providing clean, healthy drinking water for your family. Click here to register.

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