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Change Is Good It’s All In How You Frame It

Everything changes and change is good! It really does matter how you frame it. I’ve got some major changes happening around me and find it interesting the different feelings that surface due to the change. I mean, sometimes we know change is coming yet when it arrives we aren’t feeling what we thought we’d feel or we’re pulled to feel something we didn’t even expect. By reframing how we think and feel about change we can control whether we view it as a good change or a bad change. It’s just in the framing.

Change Is Good In Family Roles

My daughter is 28 years old and moving out for the first time. I’m very proud of my daughter Michelle stepping out on her own and I’m proud of who she’s become. Yet the last of my children leaving home still affects me as it changes things for me too. I suppose it’s a good time for me to practice letting go. Her growth is dependant on the actions she takes and for me to hang onto her could prevent her growth. At the same time it causes other changes like room switching and using one of the empty rooms as my office. Change is good yet sometimes it can be bittersweet. I’ve had to reframe how I feel to get at the good that comes from change. I love my family and I don’t want them to leave yet to keep them stagnates them. We have to let them fly and at the same time it gives us our wings to fly as well. Funny how that works!Change is good

Change Is Good In Business

Change within your business can also be challenging and emotional. The same reframing methods can be used to keep the positive outweighing the negative every time change occurs. I know someone who 6 months ago got an account banned. That may sound like a bad change however this change caused her to have to seek out other avenues to fill the void. 6 months later she is doing 10X what she was doing prior to the ban. The change caused growth and income she couldn’t of seen happening if she had stayed in the mind frame that it was a bad change. There is good and bad in every experience and change is one thing we can always count on. Reframe your thinking and feelings so that every change is embraced with goodness. Sometimes we have to look a little harder, or with hindsight, but it’s always there.

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Dee Powell