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#2 Actively build your knowledge and put it to use.

In this blog I will discuss #2 of the 6 Ways to build Belief from Fearless Networking by Todd Falcone.

Todd talks about how people often say the Knowledge is power. He goes on tho say that knowledge is useless by itself. That it’s the application of knowledge that makes the difference.

Applied knowledge is power!

Actively build your knowledge and put it to use

It’s a good thing to build your knowledge but applying it is even better.

Here is a short video I did about #2 Actively build your knowledge and put it to use.

Here is the link to the free Facebook Live training I mentioned in the video.

Learning is great. I love to learn. I’m always taking different courses for my business but if I don’t apply the knowledge and skills I learn from the training I’ve just acquired knowledge.

I must implement the things I learn in order to be successful and build belief in myself.

You can go through all the training in the world but if you never apply it to your business your business is never going to grow. And your belief in yourself will not grow either.

So it’s important to actively build your knowledge and put it to use. Don’t just keep acquiring knowledge, implement it and your belief in yourself will begin to grow as you begin to have small wins in your business.

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