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How Is Automation Changing The Way We Do Things?

There are two views as far as automation goes. Some say the fast automation happening in our world is going to replace humans if we don’t slow down. Business start ups are at an all time low and unemployment rates continue to grow.

On the other end of the spectrum automation is helping businesses grow in other ways. By automating some of the processes they can save money and make money in other areas.

Remember back when we had to actually go to the bank to do banking business? Banks were one of the first industries to transition over to automated processes. It’s happened gradually to give people time to adapt to doing things a different way.

Automation In The Big Picture

Take Walmart for example. They have 100’s of stores closing across America. This means job loss for many people. It may make some think that Walmart is struggling. Yet, it’s more that Walmart has caught onto the automation piece and made itself busy adapting.

Walmart delivers goods to consumers via their storefronts. If consumers are “too busy” they won’t take the time to show up to shop. The stores Automationoverhead is met with daily sales volume. No consumers means no sales and creates an inability to meet overhead costs.

Walmart had to adapt to the changes to stay competitive. They had to adopt new ideas and new ways to meet the demands of the consumer. This move was pivotal to their future success.

Another great example is Uber who totally disrupted the Taxi-Cab industry. They did so without ever owning a vehicle, renting a garage, or having to hire dispatchers.

They found pain points in the taxi service industry. With simple automation they made getting a ride faster and more efficient for the end user.

Uber met a demand at a time when technology advanced enough to do so and people were ready for it. I’m certain jobs and wages were affected for many taxi companies and drivers too.

The alternative is to never grow, to never move forward and reach new heights. It means we the consumers are creating this. We’re the ones who need to adapt to the changes or get left behind. It means we must adapt early and not fear innovative ideas or technological devices.

Remote Jobs Are Part Of Automation

As automation changes how we do things, the way we work and perform duties will too. In the last few years several industries have grown tremendously. They’re able to hire remote workers to carry out some job duties.

Elderly people can meet with a nurse or doctor online without having to make a trip to the doctors office. Inbound call centers can outsource to remote sales reps and cut costs on overhead. There are many industries that can convert and use automation for employing people in remote positions.

This gives more freedom and flexibility to the workers. They can work from home and save on commuting time and expenses. Families can find ways to cut out daycare costs completely. Employees who are content often produce better. Again, meeting the needs of the person.

I caught onto this a few years back when I found myself 54 and unemployed. Like Uber, I found an innovative way to help business owners get leads and sales. On top of that, businesses can learn how to use social media for growth. The kicker is it helps them convert over to automation and frees up all kinds of time. It creates a new way of earning income right from the comforts of home.

We’ll always have things coming and going and some things that will never change. Business owners owe it to themselves to never be the ones that never change.

Automation is KEY