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 What is Agenda 21 And How Will it Affect You

Do you know what Agenda 21 is? Have you ever heard of it?

I had never heard of Agenda 21 until a few days ago. I’ve been researching it and decided to share a couple videos with you so that you can know what Agenda 21 is too.

Agenda 21 is from the United Nations. From what I have been reading and seeing in videos this is pointing to a one world government.

Here are some areas that will be impacted under Agenda 21

  • Private property will be seized
  • Human access to land will be forbidden
  • People will be relocated from rural areas to cities
  • Gas prices will be affected
  • Transportation patterns will be manipulated
  • The population will be managed
  • Education will be taken over
  • Water use will be restricted
  • There will be forced community involvement
  • Additional taxing
  • There will be forced quotas on Harvesting

This will all be done through ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives)

ICLEI was founded in 1990 at it’s Inaugural Conference at the UN.

There are already over 500 US Local governments involved as part of ICLEI.

Watch this video to get more information about Agenda 21 

I have also included this video, of Glenn Beck talking about Agenda 21.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that our Constitution is what makes our country great. Everything that is happening destroys what our founding fathers fought for.

If you want to check to see if your city government is involved with ICLEI, go to

Search for your local government and be informed.

My advise would be don’t take my word for it, do the research for yourself. We all need to be informed about what is going on in our country.

We get so busy sometimes with our everyday life we leave things up to someone else. We need to be more diligent and know what is going on around us.

Deirdre Powell (Dee)

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