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Expand Your Reach With Social Media

It’s hard to even imagine life before social media. Our teens, young adults, and even us older adults are spending more and more time on social media sites. This has caused not just a social boom, but a business revolution. It’s easier than ever to expand your reach with social media. Individuals, start ups, and even existing businesses are using social media to get their offers under more prospects eyes.

The Big 3 – Social Media Sites

Big 3 (2-group)

Facebook: creating a business profile on Facebook allows you to promote offers daily to billions of Facebook users. There’s a few tips and tricks to getting your fan page found and building an audience. Once you start posting daily offers, tips, or other engaging content people can’t resist but to respond. Your likes and following will grow as you stay consistent. If you aren’t using Facebook to expand your reach you’re truly missing out. At some point you will want to step into Facebook paid advertising. It’s a needed asset when using Facebook as a business. Plan on learning or outsourcing your social media management, but don’t miss the bus.

Twitter: recently Twitter added paid advertising to it’s platform. Twitter has, like Facebook, proven themselves with longevity. When thinking “online business” you must think “where are people hanging out”? Well, Twitter! Twitter users like short, quick info. Attention grabbing images do well there. Hashtags are used on Twitter and can be researched and used to optimize posts in a more targeted manner. Twitter takes a bit of learning but businesses can easily create a name for themselves and expand reach with Twitter.

YouTube: when think social media people leave out YouTube. Funny thing is when thinking search engines, they also leave out YouTube. Each social media site is a search engine in and of itself. YouTube has become a massive way to expand your reach with video marketing. Setting up a YouTube channel and publishing videos regularly gives your potential customers an easy engaging way to find you. Video will continue to grow and video will replace textual presentations as we move forward in this fast paced world. Challenge yourself to 30 videos in 30 days and I guarantee you will expand your reach with YouTube.


Information overload can happen easily. I would suggest a plan to implement the BIG 3 into your marketing plan. Take each one individually and work with it until you’ve mastered it, then move into the next. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect. This requires a learning process, be patient but consistent in your efforts. Comment below if this helped you think outside of the normal social media box.

Deirdre Powell (Dee)

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